Posted on 08-05-2012
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Battery cars, at least in public perception, have issues about range and recharging. Now, it seems, you could soon be able to “refill’ in not much longer than it takes to fill a fuel tank and pop into the garage shop for a pie and coffee.

German and US automakers will demonstrate quick-charging technology that will enable electric vehicles to be recharged in 15-20 minutes, just  like a human.

Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, Ford, GM, Porsche and VW are supporting a single-port (power plug connection) fast-charge approach called DC-fast charging for electric vehicles that will be demonstrated during an Electric Vehicle Symposium 26 from May 6-9, 2012, in Los Angeles, California.


The combined charging system integrates one-phase AC charging, quick three-phase AC charging, DC charging at home and ultra-fast DC-charging at public stations into a single port that resembles a giant travel adaptor. This will allow customers to recharge at most charging stations regardless of the power source and may reduce the cost of charging due to standardised infrastructure.

The European Asssociation of Vehicle Manufacturers has also selected the combined system as its AC/DC-charging interface for all new vehicle types in Europe for 2017.

The charging system design was based on a collaborative review of existing charging strategies in the US and Europe.

CCS stations should be available later in 2012 with automakers already redesigning current electric vehicle sockets to use the system.

The first vehicles using this technology will be launched in 2013

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